Thursday, January 24, 2008

Nobody Reads Anyway So What Do I Care

I am having a rough week. It must be the weather or time of year because a lot of people I know are feeling crappy this week. It is hard to pinpoint what is making me feel so bad but this sore throat isn't helping. It started yesterday and I kind of hoped it was just one of those irritating sore throats you wake up with and they go away. Nope, still here. It doesn't help that last night at karate I sat next to a mom and her kid who was as sick as a dog; sneezing and runny nose. If your child is that sick and obviously not feeling well why drag him out in freezing temps to then sit in a small confined spot with lots of other people. UUUUGHHHH!!!! I am sure I'll be nice and sick by next week.
I am also just generally annoyed with people in general. It is not a good feeling because I tend to mostly get along with everyone. I am afraid that I am going to snap and say something like"Stop talking to me. Do I look like I care?" OMG-sometimes people just don't get it.
The kids and family are well. Our schedule is busy, busy, busy. I have a new appreciation for Thursdays. It seems like it is the only week day that I get to leave work at normal time. Be home to get the kids off the bus and be home before 7:00 pm.
That's it for now. I am going to take my cranky self and tackle some work.


H.N. Eisley said...

Oooooooh *HUGS* We had that SAME CHILD at AWANA last night. Coughing on other kids and getting them germy. I just want to smack those parents.

I think it's the time of year... something is in the air. *HUGS*