Monday, January 7, 2008

Have A Good Day Miss???

Who would've known how excited I would be about the cashier at the deli this morning calling me "Miss"? Kind of funny, huh? Well, it certainly beats being called "ma'am".

This weekend went by too quickly. I didn't get nearly as much accomplished as I hoped. Christmas decorations are still out and it drives me crazy. Don't get me wrong. I love Christmas decorations.....for about 4 weeks. After that they become a nuisance and a pain to clean around. I did gather all the Christmas decorations from the family room to be put away. Now I just need to find the box of the stuff we packed away to make room for the Christmas decorations and bring it back out. I wonder how many of these boxes never get brought back out and are floating around somewhere in the closets?

I did call for my Disney ADR (advanced dining reservations for all you non-disneyites). That was a task and a half because I needed to figure out our park schedule first. We tried to cut down on character meals this time around. We figure, you've seen one've seen them all. We did decide on Chef Mickey's for Dinner on the day we arrive. Kind of like a kick-off to vacation. We have never done Chef Mickeys and I am really looking forward to it. The kids opted fro Crystal Palace inn the Kingdom again but this time for Dinner so we can maximize park time. What can I say? We love the Pooh characters!!!! A trip to Disney would not be complete without a picture with Pooh. Lastly, we scheduled the Hollywood & Vine Fantasmic dinner package. we scheduled this last year and didn't make it to Fantasmic cause the kids were worn out. Hopefully, they'll last through the park to make it to the show this year. I want to dine with Shamu at Seaworld but was outnumbered.

My oldest son is in his glory we finally allowed him to use money he had received from his First Holy Communion two years ago to purchase a laptop. He has been begging and receiving hand-me-downs from relatives that are really nothing more than a typewriter. Finally we broke down and helped out a bit so he could buy a laptop. He is one happy boy now. My how they grow up.

We also took the kids to see..
They loved it and for once I feel like we actually got our moneys worth from a show. Andrew and Tyler were singing along and Owen (who adores high school musical) was trying to be Mr. Cool and said he would've been home watching the Giants game. When it ended I looked and Andrew and he had tears pouring down his face. I asked him why he was crying and he said "I don't want it to be over. I want to see it again." He is such my cutie-pie.
Oh, almost forgot. I did go to the movies Saturday and saw PS-I Love You. I had read the book but seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Harry Conick Jr. made the movie sooooooo...much better. If you plan on seeing it make sure you bring some tissues.
That's my weekend update!!!


Queen Bee said...

Ooooooh, "miss", I would have been on a cloud after hearing that!

Glad you enjoyed the show, what did Jeff think? Too cute about Andrew :)