Friday, May 16, 2008

Is no where safe??

Okay, so I have three kids at home. So you do realize that with three kids, nothing is MINE. If I buy myself a bag of cookies or something you can just about guarantee that those freeloaders inhabiting my home are going to find them. So I have learned to bring my "special treats" to work. My kids haven't discovered my secret stash at work yet but my nephew and his mom have. It seems as though everyone at work now knows of my secret stash. Well, I guess my sister felt bad about always invading my stash so for Mother's Day she bought me this....

I was so excited but the first thing that went through my mind was "where am I going to hide these?" I know, but they're mine! So, I brought them to work. I would even staple the bag closed after I would eat them. But, oh no!!! My sister, yes the same sister who gave me them,has discovered them in my drawer and just dug into them. There is no where for me to hide and enjoy my chocolates..ALONE!


Lara said...

That is annoying! You need a box with a combination lock and let no one know that code! A key can be found, but not a combination. LOL.