Thursday, May 8, 2008

Gosh, you blink and they grow up!!

I'm being a sentimental sap today and I can't help but wonder when my kids all grew up so quickly. Tyler is approaching teen-hood and has pretty much developed a steady group of friends. All of which, have similar interests as him. He has found this sense of confidence and is no longer the "wallflower".
Owen, is still struggling and out of all my kids, he is the one who brings me tears and makes me worry the most about what the future holds for him. I pray that we can get his bipolar under control and not have to rely on medications that really don't work anyway. I want Owen to develop the confidence that Tyler has and am sure that once Owen finds his "place in this world" he will not become frustrated so easily. He is my child who will not hesitate to come up and hug me for no reason at all but he is also my child that will get so angry and lash out at me without a moments notice.
And this brings me to Andrew. My baby is almost 5 years old yet I still see him as my baby. He no longer needs me in ways he used to but he is also the one who wants to cuddle and fall asleep next to me at night. Secretly, I love this time with him. It is our time and soon enough he won't want this time with me, just like the other two. So for now, I will put up with tiny feet jabbing me in the lower back as I watch tv in bed at night.
Al my boys are growing up so quickly I can't believe it! The days of leaving the house with diaper bags and changes of clothes are long gone and each day I see them spreading their wings more and more. Hopefully, I have given them enough direction to fly the correct route.


LoisLane said...

I can't believe Andrew is almost 5! In my mind, he's still 2. lol