Friday, May 16, 2008

Is no where safe??

Okay, so I have three kids at home. So you do realize that with three kids, nothing is MINE. If I buy myself a bag of cookies or something you can just about guarantee that those freeloaders inhabiting my home are going to find them. So I have learned to bring my "special treats" to work. My kids haven't discovered my secret stash at work yet but my nephew and his mom have. It seems as though everyone at work now knows of my secret stash. Well, I guess my sister felt bad about always invading my stash so for Mother's Day she bought me this....

I was so excited but the first thing that went through my mind was "where am I going to hide these?" I know, but they're mine! So, I brought them to work. I would even staple the bag closed after I would eat them. But, oh no!!! My sister, yes the same sister who gave me them,has discovered them in my drawer and just dug into them. There is no where for me to hide and enjoy my chocolates..ALONE!

Friday, May 9, 2008

I Have A Date This Afternoon

..with this little guy.

I am off to a Mother's Day Tea at Andrew's daycare this afternoon. All morning he kept on asking me what time I was going to be there. I told him that I would be there right after nap time. I have looked forward to these Mother's Day teas for the last 7 years. Next year will be my last one since Andrew only has one more year left here and then we will say farewell to First Steps. I am sure I will cry when he graduates because it will be the end of an era. My kids have been going here since 2001. Of course, it will seem like a raise in pay since I won't be paying for daycare anymore. Yippee!!!! So for now, I will just enjoy my fruit punch and cookies with my little man this afternoon and look forward to the handmade "with love" gift I receive from him.

You know how women usually hate bathing suit shopping...

Well, I hate shopping for pants for Owen. First, I have to bribe him with usually a pack of cards because there is no way I am going to get him to try on ten thousand pairs of pants without a little bit of bribery. It is impossible to find pants to fit this waist...

Yes, my 8 year old has quite the beer belly. We needed to find navy pants for his First Holy Communion. We found a 31 waist pant but I honestly would've had to have cut off about 2 feet of pant because the pants that fit around his waist are so long. I figured we were desperate and $21.99 later I ended up buying a pair of pants that I was probably going to cut about half of the fabric off. Then we decided to run to Target and just check and see what they had....BINGO....a pair of 14Husky navy pants that only need to be slightly hemmed for $14.99. You can bet the $21.99 pair is going back.
For the most part Owen was pretty good about tolerating having to try on all the pants but let me just tell you how much I love shorts and elastic waist pants.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Gosh, you blink and they grow up!!

I'm being a sentimental sap today and I can't help but wonder when my kids all grew up so quickly. Tyler is approaching teen-hood and has pretty much developed a steady group of friends. All of which, have similar interests as him. He has found this sense of confidence and is no longer the "wallflower".
Owen, is still struggling and out of all my kids, he is the one who brings me tears and makes me worry the most about what the future holds for him. I pray that we can get his bipolar under control and not have to rely on medications that really don't work anyway. I want Owen to develop the confidence that Tyler has and am sure that once Owen finds his "place in this world" he will not become frustrated so easily. He is my child who will not hesitate to come up and hug me for no reason at all but he is also my child that will get so angry and lash out at me without a moments notice.
And this brings me to Andrew. My baby is almost 5 years old yet I still see him as my baby. He no longer needs me in ways he used to but he is also the one who wants to cuddle and fall asleep next to me at night. Secretly, I love this time with him. It is our time and soon enough he won't want this time with me, just like the other two. So for now, I will put up with tiny feet jabbing me in the lower back as I watch tv in bed at night.
Al my boys are growing up so quickly I can't believe it! The days of leaving the house with diaper bags and changes of clothes are long gone and each day I see them spreading their wings more and more. Hopefully, I have given them enough direction to fly the correct route.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Okay, I've been called out.

Loislane tagged me and I thought maybe she would forget that she tagged me but she called me out so I guess I must respond.
Five things on my To-Do list today:
1. Call and reschedule Ty's ortho appt. since they scheduled him for a day that the orthodontist isn't in. Hmmm, that makes sense, right?
2. Catch up on filing invoices at work that have been piling up all over the place.
3. Go to bank.
4. Give kids money for Mother's Day Plant sale so they can surprise me on Mother's Day guessed it..plants!!!
5. Go to Ladies Nite Out tonight at this mexican joint.

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. I would build my own house.
2. Make sure my kids are taken care of and my kid's kids.
3. Make sure my nieces and nephews educations are taken care of.
4. Send my parents on that Alaskan cruise they have been dreaming of.
5. Open my own toy store/book store.

Three of my bad habits/qualities:
1. I'm a whimp and don't like confrontation.
2. Can't say "no" and tend to bite off more than I could chew.
3. I am horrible at getting back to people who leave messages on my answering machine or email me.

Five places I’ve lived:
1. Monroe, CT
2. Oxford, CT
3. Stratford, CT
4. and for a very brief (only a week) Stamford, CT

Five Jobs that I have had:
1. Camp Counselor
2. After-School Daycare Chaperone
3. Manager of a Specialty Toy Store (kid toy-store...get your mind out of the gutter)
4. Tupperware Consultant
5. Work For Family Business Doing A Little Bit Of Everything

Five books I’ve recently read (or partially read):
I do better with magazines because I rarely have time to read a whole book.
1. Lost and Found
2. Little Earthquakes
3. Goodnight Nobody
4. Remember Me?
5. The Undomestic Goddess

And I am not going to tag anyone because everyone else was already tagged and nobody will notice I even did this so there.:P

Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Recipe

The Recipe For Amy
3 parts Talent2 parts Silliness1 part Flair
Splash of Intensity
Limit yourself to one serving. This cocktail is strong!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Nobody Reads Anyway So What Do I Care

I am having a rough week. It must be the weather or time of year because a lot of people I know are feeling crappy this week. It is hard to pinpoint what is making me feel so bad but this sore throat isn't helping. It started yesterday and I kind of hoped it was just one of those irritating sore throats you wake up with and they go away. Nope, still here. It doesn't help that last night at karate I sat next to a mom and her kid who was as sick as a dog; sneezing and runny nose. If your child is that sick and obviously not feeling well why drag him out in freezing temps to then sit in a small confined spot with lots of other people. UUUUGHHHH!!!! I am sure I'll be nice and sick by next week.
I am also just generally annoyed with people in general. It is not a good feeling because I tend to mostly get along with everyone. I am afraid that I am going to snap and say something like"Stop talking to me. Do I look like I care?" OMG-sometimes people just don't get it.
The kids and family are well. Our schedule is busy, busy, busy. I have a new appreciation for Thursdays. It seems like it is the only week day that I get to leave work at normal time. Be home to get the kids off the bus and be home before 7:00 pm.
That's it for now. I am going to take my cranky self and tackle some work.